iPolloverse is invited to Fil Singapore and emphasized the importance of infrastructure construction for metaverse in exclusive interview


September 26-27, Filecoin Singapore is held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which gathered thousands of Web3.0 community members covering Filecoin eco-members, renowned investors, Web3.0 eco-leaders, government personnel, etc.

IPFS founder Juan Benet, iPolloverse co-founder Marvin, Animoca Brands director of project management Kenneth Shek, U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang, deputy secretary & ministry of communications & Information Aaron Maniam, ARC co-founder Elroy Cheo, OP Games CEO Chase Freo, etc. are invited to this event.

Marvin, the co-founder of iPolloverse accepted the exclusive interview at the Filecoin Singapore event, in which Marvin said that everyone will have multiple incarnations in the future, and the metaverse will become everyone's future digital avatar. However, the development of metaverse is still at an earlier stage, and a real metaverse world needs to have a very high-quality, real-time, immersive, and interactive experience, which not only drives the iterative update of CPUs and other hardware, but also puts higher requirements on the native metaverse projects built on top of distributed networks, so the construction of metaverse is also inseparable from the improvement of the underlying infrastructure. Filecoin and IPFS are excellent distributed storage tracks that provide a platform for distributed storage of data in the future metaverse, while iPolloverse will provide distributed rendering facilities for the metaverse.

Marvin introduced that iPolloverse was initiated by NanoLabs, a NASDAQ-listed company, whose core R&D team has been conducting research in the field of distributed rendering since 2017. iPolloverse technical architecture has four layers, namely meta-computing layer, data network layer, rendering layer, and ecosystem layer, each of which has eighteen modules. iPolloverse now enables real-time rendering technology for 10,000 people on the same screen and a consensus mechanism that is more friendly to rendering arithmetic.

In addition, Marvin pointed out that the current development of metaverse still lacks many standards. So recently iPolloverse has conducted a preview test and proposed the metaverse base service standard SRT (Standard Rendering Task), becoming the first organization in the industry to launch the standard. SRT is the iPolloverse network-wide unit of computing power and is defined as a standard avatar that is active in the metaverse for five minutes, with a standard avatar set to 10,000 facets of the body and 10 pieces of NFT accessories. This simultaneously means that iPolloverse will use smart contracts to schedule node servers across the network to complete the number of SRTs (Standard Rendering Tasks) that match their performance according to their GPU, bandwidth and storage space performance, while allocating the corresponding incentive points.It is worth mentioning that, in response to the idle situation of some users' devices caused by the Ethernet merger event, iPolloverse has also indicated that it can support users of Ethernet graphics devices and together to provide a constant source of "energy" for the Metaverse.

It is reported that iPolloverse will also participate in the Filecoin SP meetup to be jointly organized by ND LABS and the Filecoin Foundation on 27 September, working together to build the Metaverse infrastructure. The development of the Metaverse cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of everyone and the improvement of the underlying infrastructure. I believe there will be more organizations like iPolloverse working together to build the Metaverse.

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