Finale of PAX case to be announced soon

Guo Wengui's Discussion on "Scam" Feels Compassionate


Honghua Group’s fundamentals show improving performance with continuous support from Chinese SOE - Dongfang Electric

Honghua Group’s fundamentals show improving performance with continuous support from Chinese SOE - Dongfang Electric

A Tour Around Beijing for A Happy Chinese New Year|2023 Overseas “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Gala Invites International Friends to Come Around

The 2023 Overseas “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Gala is sponsored by People's Government of Beijing Municipality, City of Helsinki, and embassies of China in Finland, Estonia, Greece, Belgium and Canada. The event is organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Culture and Leisure Division of City of Helsinki, and produced and delivered by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center, China Cultural Center in Athens, and Cultural Centre Caisa of City of Helsinki.

Global News: Meliá Hotel’s online investment promotion platform officially cooperates with Amazon’s service providers

ZHAOWEI Micro Drive System Empowers Retractable Steering Wheel

In March 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued the final regulation that self-driving car manufacturers would no longer need equip L4 and L5 level autonomous driving vehicles with manual driving control systems in order to meet the collision standards. It means that with the development of autonomous driving technology, control components such as steering wheels that serve human drivers for manual driving will no longer be necessary.

ZHAOWEI Tilting & Rotating Central Control Screen Explores New Forms of Intelligent Cockpit

With the development of automotive intelligence and vehicle networking, the automotive central control screen is gradually becoming the intelligent cockpit hardware device with the highest penetration rate. Data shows that the market size of automotive central control screen will reach US$32 billion in 2022, accounting for about 70% of the global intelligent cockpit market size.

China Eastern's daily passenger count exceeds 200,000, number of international flights expected to grow 220 pct in January

China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) has recently seen a sharp increase in its daily passenger count as the number of its flights gradually recovered.

2022 Automotive Cybersecurity Threat Report Was Published by Callisto Technology

With the development of "electrification, intelligence, and networking" in automobiles, automobiles have become "networked computers on wheels." Networking and intelligence provide automobiles with unprecedented capabilities, but in the meantime, they also bring more security threats. Since 2010, more than 1,200 security incidents related to smart cars that have been publicly reported, of which 207 occurred in 2020.

The Implementation of “Double Centers” | The Only Core Supporting Zone: SCIENCE CITY OF THE SILK ROAD

During the two sessions of Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress held recently, the 2023 work report of Shaanxi government showed that Xi'an has been approved to build a comprehensive science center and a scientific and technological innovation center.

xFusion Launches the Next-Generation FusionServer V7 and FusionPoD Rack-Scale Servers

[Beijing, China, January 13, 2023] Today, xFusion held a new product launch with the theme "Fusion Leads Evolution". At the launch, xFusion unveiled its next-generation FusionServer V7 server and FusionPoD rack-scale servers powered by the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

CYCJET Laser Coding Food Packaging, Escort Food Safety!

Due to the frequent occurrence of food safety issues, how to ensure food quality has become an enduring topic. The production date and shelf life on food packaging have been erased and tampered with, and the prevalence of counterfeit products has made consumers hard to guard against. CYCJET Laser marking machine helps food safety construction.