Curved progressive lenses


Nowadays, more and more people are wearing glasses, because the quality of life is improving, the requirements for lenses are getting higher and higher, traditional monofocal lenses can no longer meet the needs of customers, progressive lenses are gradually becoming popular and becoming the first choice for vision correction, such as France, Germany, USA, Japan, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe, etc., the wearing of progressive multifocal glasses is showing an increasing trend every year, more and more optometrists and opticians are using progressive lenses as an important option for vision correction.
However, the traditional progressive multifocal, which satisfies the need for one pair of glasses to see far and near at the same time, has some problems due to the technical limitations of the production process, as blind spots can appear on both sides of the lens and its effective field of vision is narrow, making the field of vision restricted and at the same time it is not easy to adapt to wearing them.
Far, medium and near curved progressive multifocal - our lenses, in order to solve the problems caused by the traditional progressive multifocal, have been reformed and innovated, improving and optimising the shortcomings of the traditional progressive multifocal, eliminating the blind spot, the full channel progression, the progressive direction from far to near, in accordance with the optical principle, making the field of vision wider, clearer and more comfortable. clearer, more comfortable and easier to adapt to.
Suitable for:
For students, teenagers and office workers, these functional myopia lenses can relax the ciliary muscle more effectively, and for office workers who need to look at the computer screen for a long time, they can avoid over-adjustment of the eyes and avoid visual fatigue.

Product features: Anti-blue light, blind-free progressive multifocal lens.
The blind spot-free design prevents the creation of A/V eyes and allows for a wider left and right field of vision, making it easier to adapt.
This product features an arc-shaped gradual decrease in prescription to avoid blind spots and enjoy good dynamic vision, as well as a prismatic lens for better focus, clarity and comfort at close range. The lens can be adjusted to match the original myopia.

Ltd. was established in Tianjin in 2012, with a registered capital of USD 5 million and an area of 3500 pingm, employing 50-70 people. Trivex explosion-proof lenses, etc. In 2018, we moved our factory to Chongqing and moved into the Fengjie County Eco-Industrial Park, and changed our name to Chongqing Yuanzhongjin Optical Technology Co. The company is engaged in the research and development and production of related products.
As the quality of life improves, so do the requirements for eyewear. With the introduction of progressive multifocal lenses, a breakthrough from monofocal lenses, a single pair of glasses can be used for both distance and near vision. However, due to technical limitations, there were problems with the lenses, such as blind spots and restricted vision areas, which affected the comfort and adaptation of the wearer and limited the field of vision.
The company has found a solution to these problems and has invested in the development of technology and research in order to offer the healthiest and most optically correct glasses, and has finally succeeded in developing progressive multifocal lenses without blind spots, which are more comfortable and easier to adapt to, as well as having a wider field of vision. We are committed to improving and refining the "pain points" of existing lenses to create more perfect lenses and to achieve our corporate goal of being a leader in design and technology.
The company's main product is a multifunctional lens without blind spots, with the following 6 features, all of which are innovations in eyewear function and technology, leading the industry: 
1. Special lenses for students: effective relaxation of the ciliary muscle, slowing down the rapid deepening of myopic vision.
2. Anti-fatigue lenses: to prevent eye fatigue caused by long hours of computer screen viewing for office workers.
3. Three and one lenses: solve the problem of myopia and presbyopia of the elderly, see far, see in, see near, all clear, one can meet.
4. Smart presbyopic glasses: the favourite of silver-haired people, clear to see far and near, glasses no longer need to take off and on.
5. No blind spot design to improve wearer's comfort, easier to adapt and wider field of vision.
6. The right distance, with the right luminosity, full channel design, in line with the optical principle, can protect the eyes more effectively.


Wang Lifang


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